Transportation Solutions


All businesses require the free flow of products to customers in order to be successful and the medical cannabis industry is no exception. Unfortunately, due to the legal inconsistencies between federal and state laws, businesses in the cannabis industry often have to work almost exclusively with cash without access to typical banking services. This poses additional security challenges to their business and they can find it difficult to safely protect product their funds when they are moved from one location to another. In addition, criminals often target cash and assets when they are being moved since this is a highly vulnerable point in the supply chain.


secureUS is a provider of transportation services for the legal medical cannabis industry in Maryland. Our trained officers and transportation network will safely transport cash, product and other assets. We offer licensed, insured and bonded transportation services to ensure that your valuable assets arrive safely and on schedule. Every transport is driven by an experienced, licensed and highly trained security operator.

Protecting products and assets during transportation is essential. Any product is most vulnerable during transport so it is essential to protect your business by using professional security services to protect your valuable assets. Often Medical Cannabis Dispensaries and Grow Operators will use employees or other internal resources to transport product within state boundaries. This not only increases the liability to your business but also increases the risk to staff. With our secureUS OverWatch transportation service, law enforcement will be providing security on all shipments. secureUS offers transport services using secure, covert vehicles. This reduces the liability to your business and removes the threat to your employees.

Our Service Features:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism