Medical Cannabis Security


Maryland licensees that provide medical cannabis are high profile targets for theft and other crimes. Not only do they carry a highly desirable product but often have large amounts of cash and other assets on-site. Crime is always a threat to the Medical Cannabis Industry. This is especially true when you are transacting thousands of dollars a day in cash and have a product that is desirable to criminal elements.

Growers and Processors face similar challenges. While these facilities may not handle cash they grow and produce a highly valuable product that remains at risk without establishing and maintaining the appropriate security posture.


secureUS is a security firm focused on providing tailored, high quality security services to the Maryland cannabis industry. We specialize in protecting Dispensaries as well as Grow and Processing facilities. We provide security officers that are specifically trained to secure and protect businesses and individuals operating in the cannabis industry. Whether it’s static security, visible deterrent, access control or transport security secureUS has you covered.