Security Consulting

Security is a critical component to every business. Our resources uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist. We identify the issues and develop strategies that mitigate risk and protect personnel and assets. Following these strategies, we develop a comprehensive security program for your business. A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented. Our audits will show you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures.

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Physical Security Surveys
  • Threat Crime Analysis
  • Workplace Violence
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Travel/Meeting Security

Medical Cannabis Security Audit

As the legal cannabis industry in Maryland emerges, it is critical that licensees are building their facilities and procedures in compliance with the Code of Maryland Regulations. Failure to comply could result in serious ramifications including loss of revenue, license revocation and criminal prosecution. Understanding these issues, secureUS has developed a comprehensive service to insure you are in complete compliance.